Relocating your office isn't as simple as you might think. There's a lot more to do than packing and moving. Before your employees can go back to work, everything from organizing the new office to getting your computer network up and running needs to be done. So before you start packing your desk, check out these tips to make moving your office to a new location simpler.

Create a Timeline

Create a moving timeline so that you know what tasks will be completed at what time. To start planning, call your IT department to see how long it will take them to get your phone and computer systems up and running once you move. You also need to get time frames from these sources, as well:

  • Commercial moving companies
  • Utility companies
  • Printing companies—you'll need marketing material, etc., with your new address
  • Phone company

Once you have a time frame from all of the companies whose services will be essential to organize during your move, you can start creating an accurate timeline that tells your employees what day the actual move will take place, what they need to do during the move, and when everything should be complete.

Enlist Employee Help

Choose a few employees to help you throughout the moving process so that you don't need to oversee everything by yourself. Your employees can be in charge of tasks such as these:

  • Making sure everyone packs up their desks
  • Ensuring items in filing and supply cabinets are packed
  • Calling vendors to give them your company's new contact information
  • Unpacking boxes after the move
  • Keeping track of office supplies in case you need to order things mid-move

Hire Commercial Movers

Even if you think that you have everything under control, you should hire a commercial moving service to do the heavy lifting. Not only is allowing your employees to move equipment, desks, and other heavy items a huge liability, the process will take a lot longer without professional movers. At the very least, have the commercial movers tear down, move, and set up your office's desks, cubicles, and other furniture and move large equipment such as copy machines and printers. Once everything is at the new office, your IT employees can make sure all of the equipment is hooked up and working properly.

Relocating your office doesn't need to be stressful. As long as you have a detailed timeline, the help of your employees, and the assistance of commercial movers, there's no reason your relocation shouldn't go smoothly.