Preparing to move out of state is more challenging than a local move, given that you have travel factors to consider in addition to the usual logistics about the move itself. Hiring a moving crew can provide relief on the days of the move -- while you'll still be busy keeping things organized, the crew will be there to perform the heavy lifting for you. Given the potential for stress at some point during the move, it's important to take measures to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. Here are three steps that can improve the ease of your move.

Keep What You'll Need On The Trip Handy

It's easy to go through the packing process at a furious pace, only to realize that you're missing a number of items for your out-of-state trip. Keep a separate suitcase aside -- and label it clearly to ensure it stays with you in your vehicle, not in the moving truck -- and fill it with your travel essentials. The suitcase should include more than just your toiletries and a change of clothes. Ensure that it also has your GPS to help you successfully get to your new home, any paperwork related to the move and the keys for the new home.

Purge Your Unneeded Items In Advance

While it can be emotionally taxing to think about getting rid of many of your personal items, it's emotionally and physically taxing to pack, move and unpack things that you'll never use again. In the weeks leading up to your move, and as you begin the packing process, make it a priority to get rid of the items that you don't think you'll need at your new home. You can accomplish this purge through a garage sale, donating items to local charities and even letting friends who will be helping you on the moving day claim things they like.

Color Code Your Boxes

Taking some extra time to organize the items you pack can save time once you and the moving crew arrive in the state you'll now call home. A simple approach is to assign a color to each room in your new home and then place a corresponding colored tape on each box -- if blue represents the bedroom, every box that needs to be carried into this room should have a piece of blue tape. When you get to the new home, take the right color of tape and place it at the entrance to each room. This way, the movers will be able to quickly identify where they need to place each box.

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