An absolutely essential part of any disaster bug out plan is the bug out vehicle. A bug out vehicle is what you will be using in the event of a disaster to flee the area and get to safety until the disaster is resolved. Listed below are three vehicle types to consider when creating your bug out plan.


SUVs are often among the most popular choices when it comes to disaster planning because of their versatility. An SUV is not only capable of transporting a lot of supplies to keep you stocked up on food, water, medication, and fuel until the disaster has passed, but it can also carry more passengers to safety than most other types of passenger vehicles. This is especially useful if you have a large family that you will want to take with you when you bug out.

An SUV is also a great choice if you want to make sure that your supplies are protected. Since an SUV will carry most of its cargo inside the cabin, the weather will not be able to ruin all of your supplies. In addition, the cabin will also serve to hide the supplies from desperate or unscrupulous people who may want to steal them. 


A truck is another popular choice with many disaster preppers because it is hard to find a vehicle that has more cargo capacity or that is as durable. In many cases, a truck is going to be able to survive rougher driving conditions than most other vehicles, which makes it ideal if you want something that is reliable enough to keep going even during a disaster. In addition, the open bed that a truck has will be able to transport more cargo than even most large SUVs. 


Finally, a hatchback can be quite useful as a bug out vehicle because it can provide some of the same benefits as the other two vehicle types listed but in a smaller package. While many hatchbacks cannot hope to match the cargo capacity of an SUV or truck, they can transport a surprisingly large amount of cargo.

In addition, there are hatchbacks on the market that are also very capable of handling rough terrain because they were designed with off-road driving in mind. These features combined with better fuel economy means that this vehicle type should not be overlooked by any disaster prepper.

Stop by your local auto dealership (like Hertz Clifton-Passaic Rent A Car) in order to check out the many vehicle options that you can add to your disaster plan. Trucks, SUVs, and hatchbacks are all great options that can help you get your loved ones to safety during a disaster scenario.