If you are in the process of preparing for a long distance move, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that will need to be done. Sadly, making mistakes and oversights during this process can result in major damages to your property. Luckily, you can utilize the following couple of tips to help ensure that your next moving experience is as stress-free as possible.      

Have Outdoor Furniture Treated For Insects

Your outdoor furniture can represent a sizable investment, and it is common for individuals to want to transport these pieces of furniture to their new homes. However, it can be a common mistake for individuals to overlook the need to treat these pieces of furniture for insects. Failure to do this step can allow insects to spread to your belongings for the interior of the house while these items are in the moving truck. When treating these pieces of furniture, you will want to use insecticides that can kill spiders, ticks, ants and fleas. After you have treated these items, you should consider wrapping them in plastic to help prevent the smell from the insecticides from containing your other possessions.  

Protect Your Possessions From Moisture Damage

When moving a long distance, it is important to note that your possessions can be subjected to intense stresses while in the moving truck. Whether this is high temperatures or changing humidity levels, it is possible for electronics, art, and other sensitive items to be permanently damaged as a result of these problems. Luckily, you should be relieved to learn that there are some simple tips that you can follow to reduce the prevalence of this problem. One of the most effective will simply be to hire a climate controlled moving truck. These trucks are outfitted with sophisticated equipment that can keep both the temperature and humidity levels in the truck stable. For those that do not want to pay this additional fee, it may be possible to help protect your possessions from moisture damage by placing silica gel packets into the boxes with your items.

A move can be an exciting time, but it can also be a remarkably stressful experience for someone to go through. By making sure to properly treat any outdoor furniture for insects before packing it and considering using a climate controlled moving truck, you may find that your possessions are able to avoid these routine sources of moving related damage.

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