Experts estimate that the average American will move 11.7 times over the course of his or her life. Packing up your home not only creates a lot of stress, it can create a lot of waste as well.

If you want to minimize the amount of waste created during your upcoming move, here are three tips you can use to ensure your move is as environmentally friendly as possible.

1. Use clothing to wrap breakable objects.

Getting breakable objects (like dishware or collectible figurines) from your old house to your new house in one piece can be a challenge. While many people rely on bubble wrap to insulate breakable objects against damage during transit, bubble wrap can serve as a source of waste.

Rather than relying on a product that you will just throw away once you have unpacked, try using clothing items to wrap your breakable objects instead. Clothing can provide the buffer that your breakables need to stay intact during transit while reducing the amount of garbage you generate during your next move.

2. Rely on suitcases and plastic totes instead of cardboard boxes.

Moving boxes can serve as a significant source of waste during a move. If you are hoping to cut the number of disposable products you use during your upcoming move, try relying on suitcases and plastic totes instead of cardboard boxes to house your belongings.

Filling suitcases with heavy items (like books or cutlery) will not only reduce waste, it could make the moving process a little less physically demanding. If your suitcases have wheels, you can simply roll them into your new home to prevent back and shoulder strain. Investing in some plastic totes to be packed during a move will provide you with additional storage space once you get settled into your new home.

3. Leave items in furniture drawers.

Instead of removing all of the items from your furniture drawers, eliminate the need to box these items by moving the drawers while they are still full. You can take the drawers out of your furnishings, move the empty cabinets, then replace the drawers once the empty cabinet is on the moving truck.

Not only will you eliminate the need for packing materials that will be thrown out once your move is complete, but you can save yourself some time by preventing the need to unpack items from boxes and organize your drawers when you arrive at the new house.

Be sure that you are finding unique ways to use objects you already have around the house as packing materials to help you reduce the amount of waste your upcoming move will create.

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