Moving Into Your New Retirement Home

Moving Into Your New Retirement Home

Growing Online Sales Business? Use A Storage Unit To Allow It To Grow

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Having an online sales business that operates from your home can be a very lucrative way to earn some extra money. Many people across the country have taken what was once a hobby and turned it into a growing business. If you have recently started out and have run out of room for your inventory, a storage unit rental, at a location like American Storage, could be the solution to your problems. Here are a few tips that can make storing your inventory a little easier to do and easier to find what you need when your items sell. Find the Storage Unit The location of the storage unit will have a large impact on how easy it is for you to take care of business. Keep three things in mind – How easy it to get in and out of the facility? Traffic can sometimes make it impossible to get in and out easily. Where is it located? Is it close to your home or maybe the post office? Having a unit that is nearby to your home or the post office will reduce the number of miles that you have to drive to take care of things. Is access limited? Some facilities don’t allow access between certain hours. Find one that will allow you access during the times in which you need access. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, choose a climate-controlled unit. This will protect all of your things from heat, cold and moisture damage and make it less uncomfortable while working in the unit during the dead of winter or the peak of summer. Organize your Inventory Before your inventory goes into the storage unit, take pictures, package, weigh and label the packages. Create a file on your computer that lists all of the inventory, includes the pictures, weights and inventory numbers. Once you have everything ready, take it to the storage unit and file it in a way that makes it easy for you to find what you need when the items sell. This could be by category or simply using the inventory numbers. Protect your Investment If you own a home, contact your homeowner’s insurance company to discuss protection on the items being stored in the unit. Many insurance policies include this type of protection but it may be limited. In some cases a rider will need to be added to the policy to protect you from loss if the unit should catch fire or get burglarized. If you have renter’s insurance, you will likely need to add a rider to the policy. Talk with your agent to learn exactly what needs to be done. Your business can continue to grow without taking over your home. Use a storage unit for your inventory and your growth potential is nearly...

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Three Steps To Make Your Out-Of-State Move Run More Smoothly

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Preparing to move out of state is more challenging than a local move, given that you have travel factors to consider in addition to the usual logistics about the move itself. Hiring a moving crew can provide relief on the days of the move — while you’ll still be busy keeping things organized, the crew will be there to perform the heavy lifting for you. Given the potential for stress at some point during the move, it’s important to take measures to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. Here are three steps that can improve the ease of your move. Keep What You’ll Need On The Trip Handy It’s easy to go through the packing process at a furious pace, only to realize that you’re missing a number of items for your out-of-state trip. Keep a separate suitcase aside — and label it clearly to ensure it stays with you in your vehicle, not in the moving truck — and fill it with your travel essentials. The suitcase should include more than just your toiletries and a change of clothes. Ensure that it also has your GPS to help you successfully get to your new home, any paperwork related to the move and the keys for the new home. Purge Your Unneeded Items In Advance While it can be emotionally taxing to think about getting rid of many of your personal items, it’s emotionally and physically taxing to pack, move and unpack things that you’ll never use again. In the weeks leading up to your move, and as you begin the packing process, make it a priority to get rid of the items that you don’t think you’ll need at your new home. You can accomplish this purge through a garage sale, donating items to local charities and even letting friends who will be helping you on the moving day claim things they like. Color Code Your Boxes Taking some extra time to organize the items you pack can save time once you and the moving crew arrive in the state you’ll now call home. A simple approach is to assign a color to each room in your new home and then place a corresponding colored tape on each box — if blue represents the bedroom, every box that needs to be carried into this room should have a piece of blue tape. When you get to the new home, take the right color of tape and place it at the entrance to each room. This way, the movers will be able to quickly identify where they need to place each box. Speak to professional movers or check out the site to learn...

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Storage Tips To Keep Your Printed Materials In Good Condition

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You have an important collection of books, magazines, or journals that you would like to keep in good condition while in storage. And the following simple guide will go over a few tips that should help preserve your precious materials. The Right Temperature & Mold Protection The biggest problem you may face with your reading content is mold. Keeping them in a case should help, but cases can also stick to your items when moisture is present, which can cause irreparable damage. The best thing you can do is choose a temperature-controlled unit that can help protect your items. This will help prevent moisture (and insects) from invading your space. Make sure your unit stays between 65 to 68 degrees and that the humidity level remains between 25 to 65 percent, but 45 percent is ideal.  You can talk to your storage specialist about other things that you can do to keep mold from affecting your important materials. Cedar Oil For Insect Protection Another issue that your storage content might face is the possibility of insects. Paper is food to several types of insects like roaches, beetles, or silverfish to name a few, which is bad news for your collection should you suffer an infestation. You should know that an insect’s waste byproduct is acidic, which could eat paint or ink away.  Consider putting cotton balls around your unit sprinkled with a few drops of cedar oil; that should help prevent insects from coming in.  Cedar oil contains several bug-repelling compounds like thujone that help keep insects at bay. Insects might feel disoriented when exposed to the smell and should refrain from getting any closer to the source of the smell. And, should an insect wander near your items, the contents in cedar may dehydrate this insect to the point of death. You can periodically come back to your storage unit, and replace the cotton balls to ensure that the smell stays strong. Enclosed Unit Will Offer Sunlight Protection Another important thing to consider is making sure the unit you choose is completely enclosed, meaning that sunlight will not penetrate through. The UV rays are dangerous because they can deteriorate paint rather quickly as well as dry the oils within paper, forcing the paper to prematurely rot.  Now you have a few tips to protect your collection and know how to you choose the right storage unit, but remember that you can still ask a storage specialist (such as one from Midway Storage) for...

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Two Becoming One: How To Combine Two Apartments After The Wedding

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When thinking of couples who will have a hard time merging their two households, most people think of established, mature people who have a lifetime’s worth of memories and accumulation. But young, apartment-dwelling couples can have just as much difficulty — and with less experience to guide them through the process. This can make it an emotional and logistical minefield.  Combining two homes into one is a task that most newlyweds have to get through, but following certain steps can make it much easier to navigate. Here are the 5 steps to successfully integrating your two lives. Before the Wedding Yes, you have a lot of tasks to accomplish before the wedding, but take time to start the merging process while your stuff is still separate. This entails two specific tasks best handled before the wedding: Clean Out. Before moving anything, save yourself some time and space by sorting through your belongings to look for things like half-used bottles, expired food, clothing you don’t wear or broken furniture. Weed these things out first. Throw out what’s not usable. Eat what’s in the refrigerator. Empty the liquor cabinet. Donate duplicate items. In short, pare down your own things to just what’s functional.  Take Inventory. Once you know what you will be moving, it’s time to assess it by taking an inventory. Write your inventory down, listing items by room or function. Have your fiance do the same. This is the stage when you will start to discover duplication of basic household items. When you have duplicates, choose the one that works the best or is the best quality. And learn to detach yourself emotionally from the household items that don’t deserve sentimental attachment.  After the Wedding Once you’ve physically begun living together, it’s time to complete the transition of your stuff. There are 3 basic moves to make at this time: Put your Decor Together. Decorating your new apartment should be a reflection of both of you, regardless of whether it’s new or was previously the home of one of you. Take decorations off the walls and unpack them from boxes. Place them together in one area so you can make new combinations and new decisions as a couple. This will also help you see your overall theme and how to make it work in your new space.  Defend your Treasures. While it’s important to recognize that “it’s just stuff” when it comes to a lot of things, it’s also vital to not throw out too much. Don’t throw out keepsakes, family heirlooms or special memory holders just because your apartment is small and you’re starting a new life. Explain to your partner what has a sentimental attachment and why. As a couple, embrace those items. Some couples find it useful to have a “3 veto” rule, in which each partner can veto the destruction or saving of 3 particular items. While you don’t have to be that cut-and-dry, it’s a good way to differentiate between what’s important and what’s not. Use Storage… Carefully. You may find that right now you simply cannot streamline your belongings enough to fit them comfortably into a regular apartment. In this case, don’t try to cram everything into a small space. Pack the overflow in easy-to-access bins and take them to a storage unit. But have...

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3 Tips For Preparing For A Moving Company To Come Into Your Home

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Hiring a moving company to come and help you move can definitely make the process much easier for you. However, if you do decide to hire movers, you want to make it a good experience for them as well. There may be certain things that they ask you to do to prepare for them, and doing these things is key for both of you to have a good experience. This article will discuss 3 great tips that will help you to prepare for when the moving company comes into your home.  Organize All Of Your Belongings  Whether or not the moving company is packing for you, you will need to organize all of your belongings. For example. if they are packing for you, this will help them to quickly and easily box up your items, and place like items together. It will also make loading and unloading much easier because the boxes will come from the appropriate rooms. If the moving company is not boxing your items for you, you will want to label and organize all of your boxes for them, to make the loading process more efficient. Make Sure Appliances Are Ready To Go If the moving company that you have hired agreed to properly wrap and move all of your appliances for you, then you will want to prepare them for the move. Clean all of the food out of your fridge and freezer and clean all the empty shelves and drawers. You will also want to make sure your washing machine and your dryer are not only empty, but also unhooked from the wall with the  removable cords and tubing boxed up safely. Smaller appliances, such as your microwave, should be unplugged and moved to an easy to load location.  Make Sure Children And Pets Are Out Of The Way  Children and/or pets can most definitely get in the way when it comes to moving. They can not only make the process much slower by playing and running around, but they can also make moving dangerous because this can cause tripping, dropping of boxes, etc. To avoid this problem, simply have a family member, friend, or sitter watch your children while everything is being packed and loaded. Your pets can either be put in your backyard, put in their crates within your home, or taken to a local boarding facility to stay safely and out of the way.  Go to website for more information on moving...

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Tips for Relocating Your Office

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Relocating your office isn’t as simple as you might think. There’s a lot more to do than packing and moving. Before your employees can go back to work, everything from organizing the new office to getting your computer network up and running needs to be done. So before you start packing your desk, check out these tips to make moving your office to a new location simpler. Create a Timeline Create a moving timeline so that you know what tasks will be completed at what time. To start planning, call your IT department to see how long it will take them to get your phone and computer systems up and running once you move. You also need to get time frames from these sources, as well: Commercial moving companies Utility companies Printing companies—you’ll need marketing material, etc., with your new address Phone company Once you have a time frame from all of the companies whose services will be essential to organize during your move, you can start creating an accurate timeline that tells your employees what day the actual move will take place, what they need to do during the move, and when everything should be complete. Enlist Employee Help Choose a few employees to help you throughout the moving process so that you don’t need to oversee everything by yourself. Your employees can be in charge of tasks such as these: Making sure everyone packs up their desks Ensuring items in filing and supply cabinets are packed Calling vendors to give them your company’s new contact information Unpacking boxes after the move Keeping track of office supplies in case you need to order things mid-move Hire Commercial Movers Even if you think that you have everything under control, you should hire a commercial moving service to do the heavy lifting. Not only is allowing your employees to move equipment, desks, and other heavy items a huge liability, the process will take a lot longer without professional movers. At the very least, have the commercial movers tear down, move, and set up your office’s desks, cubicles, and other furniture and move large equipment such as copy machines and printers. Once everything is at the new office, your IT employees can make sure all of the equipment is hooked up and working properly. Relocating your office doesn’t need to be stressful. As long as you have a detailed timeline, the help of your employees, and the assistance of commercial movers, there’s no reason your relocation shouldn’t go...

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Big Things To Look For When Hiring A Mover

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If you’ve decided to hire professional movers to help make your upcoming moving day less stressful, you may be finding yourself overwhelmed at all of your options. While cost is certainly a concern, there are several other factors to consider before making a final decision on which company to hire. Talking to several companies and asking the right questions will help put your mind at ease when the time comes to move into your new home. Check up on reviews and complaints. Talk to family members and friends who have recently hired movers in your area for recommendations, and compile a list of these companies and others you want to check out. Then, do your homework. Check out the Better Business Bureau and other review sites online. If a company has a lot of negative reviews or complaints, you may want to skip that one. Doing this pre-screening will help you compile a smaller list of companies to call for estimates. Ask for an in-home estimate. Looking for companies that offer free in-home estimates is the best way to determine about what you’re going to pay with each company. Make an inventory list of all the big items they’ll be moving and estimate the number and weight of the boxes you’ll have. The movers will come check out your home and give you an idea of what you can expect to pay. Make sure to ask if the estimate is binding or non-binding, and get the estimate in writing. Ask for a binding not-to-exceed estimate, if possible. These estimates guarantee that you won’t pay more than the amount on the estimate. Be thorough about any extra charges. The actual cost to move your items from here to there is usually just the beginning. Go over any potential extra charges in detail with each moving company that gives you an estimate. Moving companies often charge additional fees for disconnecting and reconnecting appliances, moving items up and down stairs, moving things in and out of elevators or even having to park a certain distance from your home. Make sure you understand any and all extra charges that could add to the total of your estimate. Go over license and insurance information. Make sure your movers are licensed and have a United States Department of Transportation number. Ask what kind of insurance is included in your estimate and if you have the option to purchase more. According to Allstate, standard moving insurance might only cover your possessions for 30 to 60 cents per pound, so it’s a good idea to purchase extra coverage to minimize your risk. Start getting in touch with companies like Bekins Van Lines Inc today, and you’ll have your move planned in no...

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